Discreet.Cash - Confidential Online Payments


Buying Discreet.Cash allows you to buy products with a guaranteed level of Confidentiality. E-Commerce is popular and people are becoming increasingly used to buying from a variety of commerce stores. But what do you know about what happens to your data once you buy from those stores?

Discreet.Cash Vendors have confidentiality Quality standards and process shipments payed with Discreet.Cash with the
Highest levels of privacy.
– Account wallet to store your Discreet.Cash Purchases
– Transfer your wallet Balance to friends.
– Deposit in multiple Currencies
– Crypto Payment Options

– No Purchasing Fees.
– No holding fees.

–  Guaranteed Exclusion from 3rd Party APIs – Shipments processed with discreet cash Guarantee to never process your order using 3rd Party APIs that capture your Name, Address and Order details.
– Infrastructural Isolation – Complete your transaction on server infrastructure seperate from your retailer. This enhances security from data loss through hacking.
– Optional Deletion or Encryption of Name Prior to Shipping
– No identity checks at point of purchase or shipment. (Identity Checks may be requested in event of Warranty Claim.)
– Buy with a Pseudonym and ship to your desired address.

– Low per customer buy limits suitable for day to day consumer Items.
– Multiple Backups of Deposits (US & Europe Data Centres).
– Delete your account after purchase completion